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Our campground membership offers what you need to start saving on your journeys throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We offer a variety of membership types to meet the need of all Rver’s. Before you choose a membership type we would like you to consider what your camping needs are today, and what they will probably be within the next two years. Many people buy less than they need and yet others buy more than they can use under their current and short range travel plans.

We specialize in asking the proper questions to tailor your membership to suit your needs.  Our years of experience have afforded us insight into how the RV’er evolves into membership.  Our personal care representative can be reached by phone to discuss these issues before placing your order by calling 406-547-3890.

Below are links to the four main memberships we honor.  Feel free to check them out and make a list of questions for us.


 Private v.s. Public Camping
Private Camping   Public Camping
SAVE MONEY: Camp for just $10  a night at over 500 private resort campgrounds. Exclusive to members and guests, with access to hundreds of resorts nationwide. Cost The national average is $30 to $35 a night (many charge up to $60 a night)
Park Rangers patrol private resorts on a continual basis (peace of mind, no riffraff) Access There is no control over who or what groups can camp in a public facility.  Crime is increasingly on the rise in many government parks.
Safer Environment. Generally campers in a private resort are people like you, they look out for one another, similar to a neighborhood watch. You often run into the same people at other resorts. Park Security Some parks have security, but most do not. There  have been several nationwide articles telling the dangers of public campgrounds, including a feature in Time magazine describing the violence encountered by park rangers.
Private resorts offer quality facilities (85% of the resorts are 4 or 5 stars). Resorts that do not meet the specified standards of quality are removed from the system. Facilities Public campgrounds have inconsistent facilities. Most public campgrounds are not held accountable for inferior facilities or service.
Each private resort offers numerous amenities, such as:  a member lodge/club house, convenience store, indoor/outdoor swimming pool and spa complex, beach and marina, boats, fishing, playground, horseshoes, basketball, miniature golf, ice skating, horse back riding, recreation rooms, member’s kitchen, restaurants, laundry facility, and much more! There really is too much to list! Amenities Most public campgrounds just don’t have the budgets for the amenities you will find in a private membership resort.  Also, those that do have amenities, such as a pool, often charge extra for their usage.
Activities Directors will plan event weekends, barbecues, games (bingo, card tournaments, etc.), arts & crafts, boat races, and more! Planned Activities Generally there aren’t. There are a handful of campgrounds that do, but they generally charge additional fees.
Consistently clean facilities. Both employees and members take pride in the resort, and work hard to make sure it meets the highest standards. Conditions Inconsistent Conditions. Some parks are very nice, but this varies from campground to campground, and you usually don’t find out until you arrive.
Security and privacy create a wholesome family atmosphere. There is fun for the whole family, from tiny tots to adults. Family Environment This depends on the park. You have to research to find out.
Private resorts offer many discounts for roadside assistance, hotel accommodations, amusement park admission, and more! Discounts There are some discounts available through public campgrounds, but there are fewer than with private memberships.


Camping for: Public, State, KOA & Good Sam Parks Private Membership RV Parks Membership Annual Savings
20 nights @ $30 = $600.00 @ $10 = $200.00 $400.00
30 nights @ $30 = $900.00 @ $10 = $300.00 $600.00
40 nights @ $30 = $1200.00 @ $10 = $400.00 $800.00
60 nights @ $30 = $1800.00 @ $10 = $600.00 $1200.00
90 nights @ $30 = $2700.00 @ $10 = $900.00 $1800.00


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