Resale Memberships


Memberships for sale

#1-RPI Plus Membership, $500. No transfer fees.   Home park dues of  $99/year after first year. 

#2-Coast to Coast Classic Membership, $500. No transfer fees.  Home park dues of $99/year included in price.

#3-AOR-RV Adventures Membership, $900. Home park dues of $99/year included.

#4-RPI Preferred Memberships, $1200.  First year’s fees and transfer fees  included.

#5- Coast to Coast Deluxe Membership, $1200. Includes all transfer fees in price. Home park dues of $99/year included.

#6-AOR Gold, RPI, Enjoy America Memberships, $1995. Home park dues of $99/year and transfer fees  included.